Message from the President

World Mission Corporation is the company to provide solution globally, which supplied by the affiliated company, World Venture Corporation that has dedicated efforts to tackling the problem of global security for years.
In modern global society, we all use various plastic cards usefully. On the other hand, craftiness and complexities of forgery and falsification for card are increasing.
Therefore the construction of security countermeasure is required to protect from terror, leaking of confidential data fraudulently and forgery of ID and passport.
Now we provide “WVI-888”, Ultraprecise Watermark Engraving of the World-class security .The major feature of this new machine is enhancing security of ID or passport, confidential documents greatly and preventing forgery and falsification completely. In addition we can judge the authenticity by visual check easily without special equipment.   
Our technology has been established trust under high quality management worldwide by responding to strict demands of public organization and government.
And we will keep on improving to satisfy customers.

We have dedicated to contributing human being for the future through the solution of advanced technology. World Mission Corporation CEO Yuichi Hoshiyama